Seafloor Investigations:

Seafloor Investigations specializes in the acquisition, processing and interpretation of coastal & offshore survey data. We can manage your entire field effort; pulling together the appropriate people, survey & support equipment, resources and vessel. Data processing and interpretation can be done real-time in the field or post-acquisition either remotely or in your office. We can augment your processing capabilities with additional personnel, or sub-contract the entire processing, or partner with you on the lead contract. If your project is in the proposal stage, planning stage, ongoing, or just finished; we can help.




Seafloor Investigations has extensive experience in and can offer assistance or complete packages for:

Data Processing Data Interpretation Data Product Production
Data Presentation Quality Control Data Acquisition  
Cable Route Feasibility Studies Cable Route Desktop Studies
Cable Landing Site Investigations Survey Bids & Planning
Cruise Planning & Management Project Implimentation & Management  



We can deal with a number of offshore survey systems & data types:

Multibeam Sonars Interferometric Sonars Subbottom Profilers
Chirp Systems Bathymetric Lidar Sidescan Sonars
Bottom Sampling Single-Beam Sonars CTD, SVP & XBT Data
AUV / ROV Data Camera Sleds Various Navigation




Seafloor Investigations utilizes state-of-the-art computing, industry standard software packages, and years of industry processing experience to get the most out of your data and present it in the most meaningful and efficient format for your client or project. Some standard software packages used are:

CARIS QPS Fledermaus ArcGIS
QT Modeler QPS Qimera Triton Imaging Suite
Global Mapper MBSystem Generic Mapping Tools
ImagePro Highland 20/20 Chesapeake SonarWiz




Seafloor Investigations is a collection of people with extensive experience in the commercial offshore industry and academic oceanic research. We have geologists, geophysicists, oceanographers, and IT experts to support any effort we undertake. Working as individual contractors, or collaborative groups, we can provide the expertise and knowledge base you require.


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Data Processing
& Interpretation
Geologic Data
Geophysical Data
Sidescan Data
Bathymetric Data
Backscatter Data
Subbotom Data
Lidar Data


Project Management
Site Investigation
Survey Feasibility
Survey Planning
Survey Proposals
Data Troubleshooting
Data Analysis & QC

Cruise Planning & Opertions


Site Visits
Route Feasibility Studies
Desktop Studies


Volume Calculations
Geologic Analysis
Survey Data Presentations
Slope Calculations
Geophysical Analysis
Pre & Post Construction Comparisons
DEM Creation & Presentation
Seabed Classification

ArcGIS Project

Bathymetric Data
Habitat Classification
Data Fly-throughs
Geophysical Data
QC Analysis
Data & Equipment Review
Habitat Mapping




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