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greg kurras

Gregory J. Kurras
Marine Geologist & Geophysicist

Has over 25 years of combined industry and academic experience in the offshore industry, working in places as diverse as Saudi Arabia, Suriname, and Alaska. He has extensive technical expertise in mapping near-shore, shallow water, and deep ocean environments using a variety of geophysical and hydrographic systems and processing packages. He has experience in advance positioning techniques, geologic interpretation, marine habitat classification, and geospatial data management. He has been extensively involved in offshore construction projects, telecommunication route investigations, hydrographic surveys, and coastal investigations. He also is well versed in the integration of hydrographic sonar and bathymetric Lidar surveys from both the acquisition and processing aspect. He has been integral in project management, field logistics, quality assurance, and project reporting. His broad experience base, technical knowledge, and management ability insure an organized, well thought-out approach to any project producing high quality products and a satisfied client.
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Lizet Christiansen

Hydrogeologist / Geophysicist
Has extensive experience in groundwater hydrogeology and geophysics, in both submarine and terrestrial environments. She is well versed in writing, using, and modifying a variety of codes for numerical modeling of groundwater flow. Ms. Christiansen has experience with heat flow surveys, physical property measurements, and permeability studies. She has worked with strainmeter data, statistical analyses, core logging, and sediment analysis. She has expertise in technical writing, data analyses, and conference presentations. Her extensive hydrogeology background coupled with a well-rounded knowledge of geophysics makes her a capable and qualified candidate to participate in a variety of projects.
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David Oliver

Geologist / Geophysicist
Has 25+ years experience in geotechnical industries. He has provided professional geophysical & hydrographic surveying services throughout the world. He is expert at program design, field data collection, as well as the precise management and spatial analysis of remotely sensed data. Mr. Oliver has knowledge of a wide variety of geophysical tools, investigative techniques, and an in-depth understanding of physical science as applied to the Earth geomorphology and its subsurface. His strong geophysical and oceanographic experience complements his surveying services with meaning and interpretation. Mr. Oliver has spent the last several years specializing in measuring the Earth's energies and specifically tailoring the known geophysical and oceanographic methodologies to the Hydrokinetic industry. This has involved a broad ranged collaborative geophysical instrument portfolio and fabrication of tools specific for high energy zones in remote expedition environments. An expert troubleshooter with technical data and spatial analysis, Mr. Oliver also has a broad knowledge of geophysical sensors, techniques, and methodologies. He is effective at communicating his strong conceptual understanding of physical science as applied to the Earth and its subsurface to a wide audience and facilitates avoidance of future issues with project development.
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Seafloor Investigations, LLC

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LLC, taxed as S-Corp

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- Small Business Certified

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541370 - Surveying and Mapping (non-Geophysical) services

541360 - Geophysical Surveying and Mapping Services

541690 - Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

213112 - Support Activities for Oil and Gas Operations



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